2IIO is a digital consultancy based in Vancouver with a focus on marketing strategy, automation and web development.
IIIIO Digital Consulting (2IIO Consulting)

Web Development

From thousands of tools, technologies, and frameworks, I shall give birth to your website. Whether you are looking for a corporate webpage, landing page or a stand-alone web application. I’ve got you covered!

Marketing Automation

Create automated email, SMS and pop-up automation campaigns designed to guide your leads through a well-thought-out funnel of options with a final conversion goal in mind.

Search Engine Optimization

It is known that over 95% of Internet users when trying to find information go onto a search engine to search for it. Being able to rank on the 1-2 pages of Google is as essential as having an office in a visible place.

Marketing Strategy

We don’t just bring you business, we teach you our tricks & provide you with ways to use valuable information available today.
Digital Marketing Consultant

Our Specialists

Will Karapetyan

Hello! I’m Will. I’ve Been Building Websites & Marketing Businesses for over 8 years

In 2017 I established Crystal Fuse Solutions Digital Marketing Agency and have been running various digital projects ever since.
Crystal Fuse was formed to tackle the 3 most crucial marketing dilemmas; customer interest, brand development, and lead generation/acquisition. Instead of approaching marketing from traditional prospective we utilize inbound marketing concept thus minimizing expense and maximizing conversion.
My story, however, begins in late 2012 when I started as a Freelance Web Developer and SEO specialist.
In late 2019 I have decided to reinvent myself as a digital marketing consultant, utilizing both my technical experience and marketing knowledge to provide your business with a 360 Degree Solution.
I started IIIIO Digital Consulting to assist businesses with their transition to digital while providing assistance in development, marketing, content, affiliations and business and project management packaged into a single resource, that is IIIIO.
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Digital Solutions

Websites don’t have to be difficult. In fact, I will make it easy for you. (1,2,3…)

Server Management & Hosting

No hosting, have questions about the setup. No worries, whether you are looking for a shared hosting provider or a cloud server solution, I will help you create a personalized plan that works for your business.

Website Speed Optimization

It is not a secret that Google is known to penalize slow websites in their search ranking. Let’s work on that speed, shall we!

Wordpress Improved Security

We will install and customize plugins to improve WordPress website security and make suggestions on how to store and distribute data.

Recent Projects

Digital Projects

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