IOS14 updates and their impact on social media ads

IOS 14 updates (January, 2021) are set to change the landscape of digital advertising this year.

Facebook Tracking permission request IOS 14

In the summer of last year, Apple’s announcement regarding the privacy and policy changes in IOS 14 was welcomed by consumers and yet widely criticized by social media advertisers. One of the critics of this policy update is none other than Facebook.

What is exactly this Policy update, and how is it impacting advertisers?

The new update would limit the advertiser’s ability to track and report website and in-app activity, thus impacting the ability to tailor ads more effectively.
The most significant change to the policy lies in the ATT or App Tracking Transparency Framework. This framework’s main feature is a prompt that will appear on IOS 14 devices asking for user’s permission to tracking them across 3rd party apps and sites.
Other tracking limitations will likely be implemented if users do opt-out.

These changes will impact ad performance across various platforms.


What does this mean for targeting and optimization of campaigns?

When a users opt-out of targeting, this limits the size of the audience. While reduced audience size impacts the ad reach, it will prompt advertisers to broaden their audience and conversion specifications, thus making the ad less effective.

If you need help assessing the impact of these changes on your business contact us and we will be happy to help you prepare for the upcoming updates.