BioHues Digital

BioHues Digital chose IIIIO Digital to help their organization with the creation of a custom website and further assist them with the development of a marketing strategy.

IIIIO Digital worked directly with BioHues to create a website based on their design needs, incorporating various UI elements and features as per request.

Biohues Project - Website

Will is highly productive and knowledgeable. Throughout our collaboration, Will was patient to our questions and provided great input to our design. Our team was especially impressed by his UX/UI knowledge as well as his proficiency. He became more like a team member rather than a web developer who worked on our project. I would strongly recommend Will and look forward to working on other projects with him in the future.

Nancy J.

Co-Founder, BioHues

Will did a great job of building our website based on the mockups we provided to him. He used his skills to achieve all the functions mentioned in the designs and made them responsive to different screens/devices. Also, when we have questions on how to update the contents, Will always explained them clearly and patiently. I like how he made little video tutorials teaching us how to use some complicated functions of the web builder. Also, he can objectively critique the designs and propose better ideas to improve the user experience!  I really enjoyed working with Will since he works so fast and hard to meet our design requirements. I can’t wait to collaborate with him next time! Thanks, Will!

Shawn L.

Co-Founder, BioHues